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Profollica Real Reviews from Real Customers

As a person grows old, his appearance starts to change—his face starts getting wrinkled, his skin starts drying up, and his hair starts to thin. Unlike the other two conditions, the hair loss is probably the biggest factor that affects a person’s confidence.

After all, since wrinkles can be prevented or treated with anti-aging creams and dry skin can be combatted by hydrating lotions, how come there isn’t a product that cures or prevents baldness? Actually, there is one now.

Profollica is a two-part system that uses natural ingredients that targets the primary cause of hair loss—excessive DHT levels. By taking a daily supplement and using an activator gel in the shower, you can regulate these levels and then grow your hair back. But is this claim true? The Profollica real reviews below will help you find out.

How Profollica works

Profollica is a comprehensive two-part hair loss system that includes a daily supplement and an activator gel, so it deals with your hair loss from the inside going out. Because it is formulated to reduce your DHT levels, it awakens dormant hair follicles to return to their growth phase, leaving you with thicker, healthier, and shinier hair.

The first part of Profollica is the daily supplement, as the primary method to fight excessive DHT (the leading cause of hair loss) is to work from the inside. Its benefits include:

    • Increasing blood circulation in your scalp to provide more nutrition to the hair follicles and prevent them from shrinking and disappearing;

    • Fortifying the body with vitamins that help prevent hair loss;

    • Making your hair grow faster, increase its elasticity, quality, and texture, and prevent it from breaking easily; and,

    • Helping prevent premature graying and restore your natural hair color.

Meanwhile, the activator gel is massaged through your damp hair and into your scalp after shampooing. Its benefits include:

    • Formulated with Trichogen, a potent DHT-blocker and conditioning agent that reduces hair loss;

    • Slowing down overall hair loss;

    • Improving hair regrowth, particularly in parietal, occipital, and frontal zones;

    • Improving the quality of each hair strand;

    • Strengthening damaged hair;

    • Repairing dry hair; and,

    • Protecting scalp against UV-B-induced damage.

What customers think

After asking various Profollica users, the following positive feedback have been compiled:

    • Profollica is not just for men—it is also safe for use by women suffering from hair loss;

    • It uses vitamins, proteins, and amino acids to enrich your scalp from the inside;

However, some users have reported some cons as well, including:

    • After applying the activator gel for the first time, you might see some redness or feel a tingling sensation on your scalp;
    • Profollica is not recommended for pregnant women or for women who are trying to get pregnant.

Final verdict

Despite some of the cons presented, there isn’t any huge negative feedback that came from the customers. In fact, all of them reported that they saw good results after using Profollica.

So if you don’t mind feeling tingly or seeing your scalp go red the first time you use the product, then go ahead and try it. You might see your hair growing back in a matter of weeks.

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