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Profollica Reviews How Does Profollica Work?

What is Profollica? Does it work? Read the review of Profollica here before you buy this hair recovery system and see how it works to help you reduce hair loss

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  1. Introduction
  2. How does Profollica work?
  3. Is Profollica Recommended for You?

The Profollica Process

So how does Profollica work? Basically, the product is comprised of a 2-phase system that makes use of different methods to initiate hair re-growth.

The first step is the use of the daily supplement, which is a potent combination of herbal extracts, amino acids, enzymes, nutrients and proteins

This mix works together to help control DHT production and strengthen the body against the different factors that can trigger hair loss, such as stress and a poor diet.

The second step of Profollica’s 2-phase system involves the use of the activator gel, which features all-important ingredient Trichogen – the one element said to be able to reduce hair loss in 90% of men in a recent clinical trial. The application is simple, you just need to apply some of the gel into your damp hair and massage it into your scalp after shampooing.

Now what is so special about Trichogen? Well, this ingredient is known to be a powerful DHT blocker and makes use of a combination of extracts that lower the chances of hair loss and thinning hair.

All in all the activator gel includes the following ingredients, apart from Trichogen – panax ginseng root extract, arginine, actium majus root extract, hydrogized soy protein, kigelia Africana root extract, gingko biloba leaf extract, salvia sclarea extract, cinnamomum, zeylacinum bark extract, and more.

The Benefits of Using Profollica

How does Profollica workWhat benefits can you experience with the regular use of Profollica as your hair re-growth product? Let’s go through each phase to see the perks and upsides more clearly.

Within the first 30 days of using the daily supplement, you can enjoy the following results already:

  • Overall reduction of DHT levels, which reduces the chance of hair loss
  • Increased blood circulation in your scalp, which delivers more nutrition to your hair follicles
  • Maintenance and facilitation of the regular production of sebum and scalp oiliness
  • Strengthening of the body against hair loss via a potent mix of nutritious ingredients
  • Increased speed of hair growth
  • Improved hair elasticity, texture and overall vitality
  • Prevention of premature graying and restoration of original and natural hair color

Meanwhile, the regular use of the activator gel provides the following benefits:

  • Overall reduction of hair loss and thinning hair in men
  • Better quality of hair re-growth
  • Better hair and scalp quality
  • Strengthening of hair that has been damaged
  • Protection against the damage caused by UV-B rays


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